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Cezanne St Victoire
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Rigorous Academic and Commercial Research

Culturissima specialises in providing expertly‐written, meticulously‐researched copy for commerce (in particular the cultural travel industry and the travel media) and academia (including in the field of history, psychoanalysis, group relations, satire and linguistics).

We have been commissioned to research on topics as diverse as the life of Chopin, periphrasis in ancient literature, the FIFA World Cup, illegal immigration, Freud, sea-going containers, Florence Nightingale, Danish lighting and design, the flora and fauna of South Africa, and so forth!

Culturissima has just finished researching and writing over 100 cultural programmes for one of Britain's leading tour operators - for the tenth year in succession!

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Writing and Research

Writing and research go hand-in-hand: to write convincingly is to write knowledgeably.

All Culturissima's writers, editors and translators have a background in research: not just in the arts, archaeology and history but also in the sciences, including, for example, psychology.