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Translating for Professionals by Professionals

Culturissima offers a competitive translation service with areas of expertise ranging from marketing, journalism, travel and academic texts to politics, transport, economics, finance, business and commerce.

We provide specialist translations for one of France's largest translation companies, whose clients include Eurocopter, Coca-Cola, CMA-CGM, the French Nuclear Authority, ONET, Cetim, Eurocopter and Carte Bleue.

We also translate, manage and update content for a string of websites.

We are happy to provide samples of our work, some of which can be found on our blog.

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Que ce soit pour une classique traduction français-anglais ou pour des combinaisons plus rares, notre métier est de trouver le meilleur traducteur pour votre projet.

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What Makes Us Unique
Culture, Business, Journals

Culturissima translates for clients who care about content, as the majority of our translations are intended for publication.

And there is something else that makes us unique: every member of our team has a proven track record both as a writer and a translator.

So, in a typical scenario, if you commission Culturissima to translate your website for you, the translator will not only have experience of translating websites him or herself but will actually have devised original content!

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Our Translators
Travel, Art, Blogs

Culturissima has a "niche" system of operating: for nine out of ten commissions accepted by Culturissima, the translations are undertaken by individuals who have a share in Culturissima.

This means: no out-sourcing or sub-contracting, no middlemen (or women) to pay, no hiding behind project managers if something goes wrong!

It is an approach designed to cut costs and encourage one-to-one contact with our clients.

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Areas of Expertise
Editorial, Tourism, History

We only translate into our native languages.

Yes, every translation agency seems to say the same thing: but the proof is in the pudding... which is often inedible...

We know from our own experience that in, for example, France, even the biggest translation companies do not employ native English speakers to translate into English.