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Writing On Mental Health Issues

With an MSc in psycho-dynamic counselling and nearly a decade’s experience as a university counsellor and private therapist, Dr David Winter - Culturissima’s CEO - has a deep-seated understanding of the world of mental health.

David’s particular forte (as you can see from the samples on this page) it presenting therapeutic ideas in language that the layperson can understand and relate to.

In short, our feature articles - for the web and the print media - aim to engage and inform readers with an interest in psychological issues.

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This is what it must be like to give birth Performance Anxiety

"You bastards!" So overpowering was Laurence Olivier’s stage fright – a “punishment for the sin of pride” he once claimed – that he had to be physically manhandled onto the stage at times. Only giving birth, he imagined, could so painful.

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Corporate Grief
Psychoanalysis, Group Relations

The abruptness of Jason’s death left no time for anticipatory grief, no slow severing of the school’s links with its pupil. The teachers were further plagued by the idea that they were somehow to blame for his death.

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I'm A Man
Depression, Stigma

I asked the Prime Minister: "You do know about my breakdown don't you? You do know I still get depression." He said "I'm not worried if you're not worried." I said "What if I'm worried?" He said "I'm still not worried".

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Donald Winnicott
Psychoanalysis, Biography

"The patient and only the patient has the answers" - interpretations are important but experimentation is equally fundamental... indeed, making mistakes can be as valuable as getting things right!