Sea Creature
Henry Moore

Feature Writing

From psychoanalysis and mental health to crocodiles in the Sahara (yes!), Culturissima's forte is its versatility and in-depth knowledge on the broadest possible range of subjects.

Over the past two years we have delivered commissions on everything from the oil industry in Gabon to Malta's pre-historic temples, and from performance anxiety in actors to cross-border financial transactions!

Culturissima's client portfolio over the last two years has included small businesses in the United Kingdom, France and North Africa; travel firms; translation agencies; a Cambridge charity; a London art gallery; and the leisure industry in the French and British capitals.

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Our content is published in the traditional media - including books, brochures, magazines and advertorials - as well as on the internet and in e-newsletters. The subjects on which Culturissima accepts commissions are defined by their diversity, ranging from history and art to football and music. Travel writing and tourism are particular specialities.

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Land of Demons
History, Culture, Africa

Few countries have been so relentlessly demonized as the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, a "rogue state" that lies "beyond the Axis of Evil" according to American analysis.

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I'm A Man
Social Issues

I asked the Prime Minister: "You do know about my breakdown don't you? You do know I still get depression." He said "I'm not worried if you're not worried." I said "What if I'm worried?" He said "I'm still not worried".

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Grow Your Own Timber
Finance, Industry, Africa

If Gabon wants to secure its future as one of Africa's leading oil producing nations, then it needs to start “growing its own timber” before it is too late.

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ACE Company History
Biography, Tourism, Culture

Remember that there is unlikely to be a college servant around to carry your bag, that college rooms have not yet all been refurbished in motel style, and college scouts have not the same careful eye for dust as a finicky Victorian chambermaid.

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The Outsider
Politics, Literature, USA

The Mountain, Hester Prynne, Ellen Olenska, Lilly Bart, the forest? These stereotypes of evil are alive and well in New England. Indeed, one could even argue that they are an established part of the mental landscape of modern America.

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The Copts of Egypt
Culture, Travel, Africa

We will absorb the splendours of the Hanging Church and delve into the engrossing collections of the Coptic Museum before heading towards one of Egypt's oldest inhabited monasteries, hidden deep in the mountains near the Red Sea coast.