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About Culturissima
Expertise across all print media and digital disciplines

Culturissima started life (as the name implies) writing high-class copy on cultural affairs, heritage travel, history and the arts. Over the past decade or so we have broadened our expertise to embrace all aspects of the written word, from web content and editing to research, feature writing and translations for publication.

Ours remains a niche market, however, as we work continue to work exclusively with clients who value the highest standards of syntax and style, logic and erudition.

In short, Culturissima is determined to resist the dumbing-down that is becoming the norm in the world of writing and translating.

Culturissima is far from being old-fashioned - we are passionate advocates of any technology that fosters communication! - but we are keen to remain true to our roots: promoting the art of lucid and elegant writing that is anchored in robust logic. After all, writing should, like our clients, stand the test of time.

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Our Clients

Culturissima's clients are based in the England, elsewhere in Europe, North Africa and North America and include, inter alia, academic journals, tour companies and the travel media, shipping companies, accountancy firms, the cosmetics industry, insurance firms, magazines specialising in history and archaeology, sports newspapers and social affairs journals.

About David Winter BA, MSc, PhD (Cantab)
Managing Director of Culturissima

Dr David Winter, Culturissima's managing director, has been a professional writer, editor, researcher and translator (French and Latin to English) for twenty years.

Though born in the north of England, David has lived in Africa and France (Paris, Marseilles and elsewhere). His travels in research and writing have taken him across the globe, from the USA to Libya, Morocco, Malta, Croatia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Serbia, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Montenegro...

David's writing portfolio includes an even wider range of exotic destinations - Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Australia, Iran, Iraq and even Wales (to name but a few). He has devised original copy on all aspects of the arts (including music, fine art, Roman poetry and so forth).

David is experienced in translating a broad array of technical documents, including in the fields of maritime and aviation transport, the nuclear and plastics industries, and new and alternative technologies. Travel, tourism and the world of mental health are particular sources of fascination - but his forte is a "anything with an editorial bent - where it's not just about communicating information but also about making a good impression on the reader".

Dr Winter holds degrees from the University of Cambridge (Greek, Latin, Linguistics), the University of London (Psychodynamic Therapy) and Liverpool University (Latin, Greek). He has been awarded several translation prizes for his work translating Latin poetry and prose.

Culturissima is registered as a private limited company in London.