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Lucid Writing, Rigorous Research, Specialist Editing
Expertise and experience across all print and digital media

Culturissima devises content (and develops websites) for an unashamedly high-brow - and very demanding - clientele, from magazines, journals and books to private enterprises, international corporations and educational institutions.

Culturissima specialises in all aspects of the written word, from writing and editing to research and translation. We also manage the digital and print publication process from start to finish for a growing portfolio of clients.

Companies big and small turn to Culturissima to design engaging and informative web content, feature articles, editorials and company reports.

We write and edit material for publication in the traditional media - including books, brochures, journals and advertisements - as well as for the internet, blogs and social media.

We are also adept at conjuring up intelligent marketing campaigns.

Content for the Discerning Reader

All Culturissima's print and digital copy is designed to appeal to the discerning, educated reader who values the highest standards of grammar, style and logic.

We operate in a resolutely niche market: if you are seeking content that will impress a refined readership, why not join Coca Cola, Expert Algeria, the French Nuclear Authority, ONET, NLE Accounting and Carte Bleue in making the most out of our services?

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Culturissima's Clientele

Household names such as English Heritage, Oxford University and Cambridge University have all recently featured work by Culturissima, as well as magazines as diverse as Business Digest, History Today and When Saturday Comes.

Culturissima's most recent commissions include:

Building a bilingual website and devising the content for an accountancy firm operating out of Paris and London;

Researching and writing a brochure of cultural tours to North Africa for an independent travel company;

Refining a series of feature articles on topics ranging from perfectionism to performance anxiety for a Harley Street practice;

Translating a portfolio of articles into English for one of France's premier universities.

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Web Content
Academia, Business, Journals

Culturissima creates and sources original copy, photographs and illustrations for made-to-measure web and blogging content.

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Feature Writing
Politics, Culture, Business

Our expertise lies in delivering well-written, well-researched features to tight schedules for an up-market clientele.

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Project Management
Web, Brochures, Reports

We can plan and deliver all your company's printed and electronic content as well as devise material and commission copy.

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Editing, Research
Arts, Business, Academia

We specialise in supplying expertly-written, meticulously-researched print and web copy for the corporate world and academia alike.

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Marketing, Commerce, Literature

We translate for clients who care about content, focusing on translations intended for publication in the print and digital media.

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Website Development
Bilingual websites

We furnish clients with an all-in-one web content, design and management service - in English and French.